Taking a Big Step Today...

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Apr 24, 2018

I'm washing my's a pretty little pottery bowl my daughter made decades ago...don't know how it ended up being my ashtray, but over all the years of stopping smoking then starting again I didn't have a "real" ashtray.  Washing it is a big deal since the last times I stopped smoking, I would wash it and then promptly relapse.  This time, I wanted the nasty smell of the old ashes to remind me of how yucky smoking was, but when I ran across it today way in the back of my kitchen cupboard, I don't want that smell anywhere around me or my belongings.  So...I'm taking the big step to wash it today and I'll put it back in the cupboard for when my two smoking friends occasionally come by.  It just proves that I feel good about this quit...I guess after "winning" last night, I'm going to move forward...Clean ashtray=nonsmoker lives here