Forty-Something Days

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Feb 20, 2018

 I turned off the counter that pops up when I log onto my laptop because I was watching my grandgirl yesterday and she thinks I quit a couple years ago...anyway, I realized while driving to the bank around 5 pm today that I hadn't thought about smoking or cigarettes all day!!!!!!!!! Not til then .  Didn't think about it/them when I sipped my coffee, not after finishing a meal, not when applying for jobs online (stressful), not after talking to a prospective employer on the phone, not while talking to my sister on the phone for an hour...not during these times when I USED to smoke...Didn't have to acknowledge and then move on from an urge or a craving...NUTTIN'....It DOES HAPPEN, NEWBIES!!!  I was a half-pack a day girl (or should I say DUMMY), so it might take some of you longer before you have one of these days, but I WILL happen...


I think turning off my counter was a good idea...movin' on...will remember my quit date though...need to get past 10 months, the length of my last quit...sigh...


Thanks for being here, Bonnie