Just don't know

Blog Post created by Biscuit on Apr 4, 2017

Ok for my so far, closest ex'ers today was filled with many ruff spots that made me run outside for a smoke, my daughter got into trouble at school. Another parent forbid her daughter from seeing my daughter (best friends). And work was slightly disastrous. I am a dental assistant. Ya! A dental assistant who closet smokes. Not a great thing to be when your in the business of beautiful smiles and a person who smokes is down right despicable. So lots running through my mind. Can I actually give it up in 11 days? Will I be strong enough? Sure, I would be ecstatic to not have to hide it from my coworkers or feel like a hipocrite when discussing oral health. No more freezing on the back porch so I'm not exposing my kids and husband to my filthy habit. Worrying if the neighbors see and what they think about me out there smoking at 6 am. Oh man this is ruff. Can I actually do it or will I take the easy way out?