I want IT back...

Blog Post created by Bellegonia on Oct 13, 2018

Oh my. No really. OH MY.

Day 2 of Orangetheory Fitness workout and I'm dying. Who thought this was a good idea? Feel the b-u-u-u-r-n.

I have a 90 day goal. I want to be able to do a squat thrust and lose 25 lbs. I really should try to lose 40 but I'm trying to be realistic. When I quit smoking almost 7 weeks ago I knew I HAD to do it for me. When I joined the gym I said I HAD to do it for me. It's pretty wierd to actually be putting my health first. If I had to guess, now that I'm not addicited to these nasty fen things anymore, the last time I put my health first was when I was 10 years old. I'm 56 now. I actually thought I turned 57 this year until I did the math. I think I look more like I'm 65. Right now I feel like I'm 80. I want IT back. My health, I want IT back.

I was very active in highschool. I was an MVP soccer player, played softball, volleyball the whole nine yards. And I sneak smoked. And I sneak drank. I went to the gym for a while back in the late 80's. My GF and I would go work out and then go to her father's bar/restaurant and pig out. I rode my bicycle daily the year I got married so I could fit into my dress. That was in 1992. Was that the year I left IT behind?

How did this happen? Holy Canoli. 25 + years??????????? But wait, just yesterday I was swimming and skiing and... no I wasn't. I was smoking. Correction, just 7 weeks ago I was smoking.

If you're young and your reading this... take it from me... trying to get IT back 25+ years later is much harder and the truth is I may never get IT back. If I actually get to a squat thrust I will be over the moon! For me it's Orangetheory or bust! Don't be like me and leave IT behind.