Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Apr 1, 2018

Relapses have been on my mind a lot lately and see someone else just relapsed.   The success rate to quit any addiction (smoking, alcohol, overeating loss,etc.) is pretty dismal.  Of the small number of people who try to quit, only a small percentage seek help and even a smaller percentage are successful. Not saying I've given up, just stating the facts.  And we beat ourselves and devalue ourselves when it happens.  Unfortunately, medical consequences don't seem to be enough of a motivator or none of us would be smoking, drinking, overeating, etc..  To be honest I, I'm jealous  sometimes when I see a smoker that has slipped/relapsed.  What can't I do that and just start over again?


All the preaching in the world doesn't fix an addiction for someone else.  Somehow, sometimes, or someway something clicks and  "we get it".   Don't know if anyone can identify what that is and how that happens.  If they could, addictions wouldn't exist.  Instead, we're human.