I Quit Smoking 2000 days ago.  You Can Too.

Blog Post created by Barbara145 on Apr 3, 2019

How did I do it?  I made up my mind.  You must get off the fence.  In my previous quits I held onto all options.  This time I decided that no matter what I wanted, no matter what I was feeling, a cigarette would not be the answer.  It was work. It was pain for awhile. It is all for a purpose.  GROWTH  We stop growing when we smoke.  We remain child-like in many ways.  I was a die-hard.  I smoked for 52 years.  It feels wonderful to be healthier, happier and  more mature.  I am so over cigarettes.  I did not think that would be possible for me.  This site and all the people who had quit before me willing to hold my hand as I let go of cigarettes and moved into a much better life.   You can do it.  If I could, you can, I promise