Just had my best birthday ever.

Blog Post created by Barbara145 on Feb 10, 2017

My point is that life gets better and better the farther you get from being a smoker. I quit a little over 3 years ago after smoking for 52 years.  I had my 70th birthday last Sunday.  Two surprise parties were given for me over the week-end.  I hosted my sisters for a super bowl get together after the party on Sunday.  It was truly the most fun of any of my other birthdays.  Also I was in ICU for respiratory failure (from smoking) less than 6 months ago. I am doing great (amazing.)  My only med is 2 puffs of low dose symbicort once a day.  No oxygen or nebulizers.  Had I not stopped smoking when I did I doubt that my outcome would have looked anything like it does.  I walk 30 minutes everyday.  If you haven't stopped smoking, please do.  Life is truly much better without them.