Getting Older

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Apr 29, 2019

Getting older ?  Of course we are. We shouldn’t think of it as a bad thing. It isn’t!  It’s a wonderful thing to wake up in the morning and face a new day. Are they all easy days? Heck no!  But maybe if they were, then we wouldn’t appreciate the wonderful days.

It doesn’t have to be a super day for it to be a wonderful day. A wonderful day for a newbie can be a day that it just wasn’t that difficult to get through. Maybe the craves weren’t as strong or didn’t last as long. Maybe it was just a warm spring day. The kind that makes you feel grateful to be alive. The kind of day that it’s almost like seeing and hearing things for the the first time. Like seeing the sun in a blue sky. Maybe it’s hearing a sweet song from a bird. It could be a child’s laugh or a cats purr. It can be anything that makes you smile inside and out.  How lucky we are to see another day.  How grateful we should be!

Friends and family couldn’t believe how excited and happy I was for my birthday Saturday.  I haven’t been this happy about it in years and years.  I’m happy that I don’t smoke and can add years to my life. I’m happy to be going to pulmonary rehab There are people too sick to do it. I’m happy I was given oxygen now for nighttime. There’s a chance I may not need it all day. How lucky I am. Yes I’m very lucky when others are much worse off. I’m so grateful to be alive. I’m also smart enough to know it sure beats the alternative!  Im happy to be meeting a lot of you that helped me with my quit in Virginia. I’m happy to be able to thank you in person.

Growing older doesn’t have to make you old. I feel 40 inside of me. But I have all these years of wisdom, and I can possibly do some good with the knowledge.  I have so much more to give and so do all of you.