Free Falling

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Jan 28, 2018

Last night was day 10 for me. I was doing well until later at night. I started having a bad crave and started thinking about the pack I hid. I know that was a big mistake! I started to feel out of control like free falling. I hated the feelings of  cigs having power over me. I came on this site and read. I felt stronger! I played  some iPad games it passed I was now empowered. I was the boss of me and not that addition. I soaked them all (hey I’m not that strong) drove “them” to a trash can in the next town!! I love this new feeling of strength. I’m the boss of me I don’t have to be free falling. I have my feet planted on the ground  I no longer have to find a place to smoke, freeze outside, go back in the house because I forgot them, and be scorned by people passing me.  I know the cravings will still come but I really believe I won’t give in!  I wish I had quit sooner but I can’t go back, only forward.