Day 2

Blog Post created by B-La on Feb 10, 2018

First off I want to Thank You All, So Much. You're all so helpful and compassionate, as well as wise in the ways of the quit. I really do feel supported.


 I AM back on track, living this 2nd Day without smoke...except for incense.   Just getting through that 1 whole Day is so motivating to continue accomplishing this monumental endeavor of, not doing something.   No, but really, I AM doing something, actually I'm doing EVERYTHING, in a new Way, compared to the rest of my lived adult life. So it's very significant. I no longer feel that sense of demoralization and guilt I had grown accustomed to. Not only do I not feel those things, I feel that good sense of integrity and honor. It may seem silly to mention those powerful words here but I was uncontrollably poisoning my body and mind. So, each Day I live without doing that, I AM living free of another area where my harmful addict mind was getting the better of my true self. At least, that's how I see it.


I wish you All another 24 and I'll take one too.