1 Whole Week, Smoke-Free

Blog Post created by B-La on Jan 20, 2018

Hello and Good Day to You All.

          Day # 7 without the almost constant desire for smokes. I have my plan for the Day in place and nothing will overpower all the tools I have at the ready. 

           I think one of the biggest reasons I wanted that first cigarette in the past was the desire for that little buzz, that sense of ease and comfort I thought a smoke would give me. But with the nicotine patch on my arm, that little buzz can't happen. All that's left is my mind's state and I have that in control ToDay, at least, most of the time. I call it course-correction. Anger is maybe my worst enemy. If, when it arises, I notice the agitation right away and correct my mind's course by redirecting my thinking to something more beneficial, it loses it's power.

            This morning, I woke up remembering my dream. Something happened that ticked me off. I held onto that angry feeling, cultivating it, indulging in it. Then, the next thing I recall is being in a store, buying cigarettes and a lighter. When I left the store I found myself engaged in another activity and when I had the chance to light up, I didn't want to throw my 6 full days of being quit away. I knew the meaning of the dream right away...apply the course-correction method as soon as possible after realizing any agitation. 

                A craving may arise but I am confident that with all my tools and commitment, I will not indulge it to the point where it becomes a problem and I pick up...Just For ToDay.