I can

Blog Post created by Auroraclearsky on Apr 22, 2019

I can as Mandolinrain said I can quit as well as be myself her I am amazingly not done with life I’m going to be happy with myself as I truly am an not smoking at the same time I can feel good an have positive feelings an express my identity as I am an you all will see it thanks everyone I think I figured it out my mom will come around I’m just going to continue to express my feminine feelings I can’t help who I feel I am soo I’m going to be happy an embrace it an just be honest with myself an all you an I feel soo good I’m never going to feel the pain of smoking or the pain from keeping who I am locked up for a long time cause me pain anymore I’m just gonna let the feelings lead me where they do it’s okay that I am this way I can’t help it an as for smoking I’m done if I can be honest with myself about being her then I can quit smoking an I’m going to continue to improve myself as  her an I won’t be smoking any time soon I’ll keep all of you posted on my my quit much love