Fragile but strong

Blog Post created by Anya on Mar 8, 2018

I seem to be easily stressed. Feeling vulnerable. Craving is not really how I would define it. More like this: as my stress increases, suddenly I am visited by (((strong)))  thoughts saying that if I smoke, it will make this discomfort go away. Those thoughts feel like craving, but I think that the feeling is actually intense discomfort and emotional  pain. 


The thoughts, the physical discomfort and the emotional pain WILL go away. They are not permanent and this gives me hope. 


I didn't smoke (but I did eat too much chocolate)!

I wrote a report for work, so that reduces a little bit of stress.

I'm snuggled with my pups. And it is such a joy to have my littlest one tucked into my side, under a blanket. 

And I'm happy that even though I'm stressed, the craving didn't lead to "I have to smoke" and "I'll just smoke tonight". 


I might be stronger than I think.


Blessings to all on this journey.



day 11