3 Year Review - Rewards

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Dec 16, 2020

I just reread my blog post called REWARDS and I had to smile because it's just

I'm always looking for ways to feel better, to reward myself for doing anything productive.


Remembering all those times I'd "reward" myself for a doing a task by having a cigarette.

I couldn't imagine actually sitting down with a drink (hot or cold) and not lighting up as well.


Now, that drink is a reward all on its own, especially if I've been doing housework.

I get thirsty! Also, I really really hate doing housework.  I hate doing any kind of work TBH.


So leave it to me to design a reward for work that entails doing nothing at all, even getting dressed.

It was a Pajama Day! And believe me, that's one reward I have to work very hard to earn.


What replaced YOUR smoking break as a reward?