Time to lose weight

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jun 5, 2020

Years ago I was very successful using a popular weight loss program. A friend and I went to the meetings religiously and we followed the points and I lost so much weight people thought I was sick!


But after Jim died I gained it all back. Comfort eating and drinking, ya know?

And after I quit smoking I gained even more. Loss of metabolism and easing withdrawal really added up.


So now I'm going to go back to that same program (which has changed so much over the years!), but of course no meetings these days with social distancing.  Still, the same techniques and the same food should work. It's just online now.


Interestingly, I find it's the exact same process as quitting smoking!  


I went through "H3LL Week" trying not to eat all that same comfort food that got me fat to begin with. Sugar and fat withdrawal is no joke! I wanted to throw in the towel on day two.


But today I put on a dress that was too tight when I bought it. And now it's not.  Knowing this will keep me going this week.

I think I'll go out to Big Lots and buy a scale.