Do you NEED a quit date?

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Oct 19, 2019

I totally get it. It's a date to work towards, a goal to reach. But is it essential? Lots of people think so, linking it to your commitment to quitting. Like, if you're really serious you'll pick a date and stick to it.


I say hogwash. What if you're not ready on that specific date? Starting out feeling like a failure is not a good idea.


Have you seen those Chantix commercials where the "slow turkey" throws out an almost-empty pack of cigarettes? I don't get that and it irritates me whenever I see it. Why? Because there was no way I'd quit if I still had things to smoke in my vicinity. I'd have to use up whatever I had on hand before making that commitment. And then I'd throw out all the stuff that goes with it, like ashtrays or vaping equipment.


My quit date was the date on which I actually quit. I woke up without any nicotine in the house and kept it that way, going on two years now.


Just my opinion, but if you feel like I do then maybe this will be validating in some way. In any event, there's never any pressure to quit in a certain way, with certain products, at a certain time, or for a specific reason. And remember: