When you have a sad

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 27, 2019

Sad happens for lots of reasons

And for no reason at all

There are days when staring out the window

lets all the tears fall

And that's okay because sad happens


Sad happens when we lose someone

Sad happens when we lose a thing we love

Sad even happens when we should be happy

Sad doesn't care, it just wants to be

So let it be


When the sad happens, let sad happen

It won't last forever or cause permanent harm

It's just a sad and it needs its turn

To let sad be, you have to stop doing for a minute

You have to stop and say hello to the sad


Hello Sad. I see you. You're here for a minute.

You'll be gone soon. I'll let you make tears in my eyes,

And I'll let you make me slow down just for now

I'll let you be today, but I'll take over again later

You're nothing to fear. You're actually very small.


So maybe you need to be cradled in my arms

And nurtured and fed because today it's hard

And I'm strong I can help you and feel better

And take care of you myself because you are my sad

You belong to me