Share and Share Alike

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 13, 2019

We share our struggles with quitting nicotine. We share our triumphs over Days Won. We share how we cope with cravings and urges and holidays and stresses and everyday stuff. We share our joys. We share our sorrows. We share the Things That Matter and the Things That Worry. We share milestones and jokes and pick-me-ups and reminders.


We get frustrated. We get silent. We have run-on sentences and lack of punctuation and misspelled words. We have medical issues and emotional problems and family dramas. We get passive aggressive nonsense and we get words of wisdom. 


We support each other where we can. We offer whatever we can. Mostly we're aren't doctors or psychiatrists or counselors. Mostly we aren't experts on addiction or anatomy or mental health. Mostly we're just addicts.


We have one thing in common.


The Law of Addiction states, "Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance."


We don't have to answer every question.

We don't have to comment on every post.

We don't even have to read everything.

We're here because we quit smoking or quit vaping or quit ingesting nicotine in whatever form, it doesn't matter.


What matters is we're addicted to nicotine and we want to be free of it, we want to stay free of it, and we want to help others to do the same.  I believe that everything else we talk about on this site is in service to that goal.