Old Friends

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Aug 21, 2018

Ten years ago I went to a wedding where I knew precious few people and felt a bit lost in the shuffle until I spied an old friend. It was an outdoor reception and so we got reacquainted and had a grand time over many, many cigarettes and glasses of beer. 


Going through my Friends List on Facebook today I saw his picture and remembered that day. It's a nice memory. I like him and I like his wife, too. They're a fun couple. I know I'll never see them again, and it's okay.  I'm pretty sure if we got together now it wouldn't be the same. It just happened to be the right time and place at that wedding and it was fun and that was that.


I feel the same about smoking now. We had a good run. It was a combination of the times and events and the addiction and my personality and that was that. It's over now. Sometimes we have to let go of old friends who no longer "fit" us. Time to move on.