Freedom Weekend, Inbetweenerville

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on May 29, 2018

Just a beautiful, beautiful Holiday Weekend here in the Village, located between No Man's Land and the 6%.  There were many challenges, of course.  Some folks at the cookout had a hard time waiting for their food, for instance, because that was the time they always smoked a lot in the past.  Others lamented that they sort of missed having martinis or wine spritzers at their parties.  But alcohol is still a huge smoking trigger, and best not to go there.


I skipped out briefly to attend a gathering elsewhere.  Couple of smokers were there and truly I felt sorry for them.  They looked so uncomfortable leaving the table to smoke, trying to hide and wave their smoke away.  I was happy to be FREE of that.  I had no need to leave the table or feel embarrassed in any way.


Memorial Day Weekend was a Freedom Weekend here in the Village.  We're free from hiding, free from nicotine, and for some, free from being short of breath and weighed down with worry about our health.  But let's not get carried away and think we're free from each other or free from our work.  WE'RE STILL ADDICTS.  We need to stay ever vigilant because SINAO = Smoking Is Not An Option, and NOPE = Not One Puff Ever.


We've come so far!  Let's keep going together and BE FREE!