How To Quit Anything

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on May 23, 2018

I have a confession to make.  Inside my brain lives a very sarcastic woman.  Before I comment on any post I have to mentally get through all the snarky things that pop up.  So...maybe I can say a few of those things here.


Everyone knows what the options are when considering how to quit anything.  If you want to quit your job, you can give a month's notice, two weeks notice, or get up on your desk and yell "I can't take it anymore" and walk out to thunderous applause.


When it comes time to quit a relationship, there are also many options to consider.  There's the time-honored "it's not you, it's me" method, or the dreaded "we need to talk" talk. TV commercials love to show a woman throwing her boyfriend's crap out the window.  Up to you.


You know what to do.  You're a grown-up and educated and you read things.  And we've all quit other things/people/places before.  We don't need an answer to "How do I quit anything?"


You came here for a reason.  You want to quit smoking, and you know why, and in fact you've known why for a really long time.  And you know how.  The options are all out there like a smorgasbord of pharmacopoeia or behavior modification techniques. 


So when we're asked, "How do I quit smoking?" I don't think that's really the question being asked at all.  We all know the simple answer to that is "STOP SMOKING."


I think the real questions are:


"Will I survive this process?" 

"If I fail, will I be humiliated?" 

"Will it hurt too much?" 

"How inconvenient will this be in my life?" 

"Has anyone found an easier way to do this?"


AND we answer these questions here every day. 


Yes, you will survive. 

No, you will not be embarrassed here. 

It may hurt some, but not unbearably and not forever. 

It may be inconvenient at first, but so much more convenient in the long run. 

And no, there is no short cut. 


We'll  keep answering these questions EVERY SINGLE DAY because WE ARE YOU and we've been there.  We're still there.  We'll always be there.  SO THERE.