Fresh Anchors

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Mar 6, 2018

I wrote a little bit about faith (Law of Addiction ) as an anchor, but I kind of went off on tangents I think.  We're all asked about our reasons for quitting because they end up being something we can hold onto when the going gets tough.  I mean, anything can be an anchor.  Certainly faith is, also wanting to be healthy, and wanting to be there for the kids or grandchildren.  And it can change.  When I first registered here as a member I said my reasons were my health and to be a good role model.  But those didn't end up being anchors for me when I really think about it.  Which I'm doing this morning.


My biggest anchor right now?  My sense of smell!  I would never have imagined that this would end up being so important, but there it is.  I am suddenly obsessed with my newly heightened senses, like a just-made vampire lol!  I have long hair, and I can now appreciate how fresh my shampoo is!  Spritzing perfume is almost overwhelming!  I cannot even bear the thought of giving this up.


And my teeth are so clean!  I run my tongue across the inside and I don't feel that gritty smoke-induced stain anymore.  Who knew this would feel so good?


My car doesn't have ashes all over the console or back seat.  My eyes aren't irritated.  I can carry smaller purses.  I can even go for a walk without carrying anything at all.  There are so many things I don't want to give up now that I've quit!  If I think about smoking, I think about all these little things that would change, too.  If those aren't anchors I don't know what is.


I mean, I still want to be healthy and be a good role model, but those aren't the things that always keep me planted on solid ground.  Sometimes my best anchor is grabbing a hunk of hair and breathing it in.