Lucky Number 11

Blog Post created by Angie_machado on Jul 31, 2017

Starting my 11th Day of Freedom and I'm still feeling great!  On guard for the bad times, but expecting a great day!  Hubby just came home with so much fresh fruits and veggies I'm tickled pink!  We've been eating so healthy since we quit smoking much better than when we were trying to loose weight.  Weird but good!  The fruit and veggies and salads just tastes so dang good!  Another reason for all the fresh food is it's been really hot!  Today's high is 106, ugh!  I have a busy day of relaxing then with short bursts of housework.  I find it easier if I'm watching a show that during commercials I go do the dishes. I used to fast forward threw the ads but now I try to clean something.  Works for me!  


I've noticed that a lot of people who are trying to quit have been posting in Groups under Newbie Quitters.  Please take time to check in there to see if you can help the Newbies.  I know on my first time here I was given great links to websites that helped me understand Nicotine addiction, 101 things to do a etc.  If I didn't receive those tools and all the welcoming posts, not sure I would have made it to day 11.  Have a great day my dear friends and just remember, "I don't do THAT anymore!"