Good Morning Day 6

Blog Post created by Angie_machado on Jul 26, 2017

Well here is it day 6!  I awoke today with really bad pain in my hips.  Dang RA!  But, I got up and started my day, so far so good.  Feeling a bit cravy today, but moving forward with other thoughts and other activities.  It's funny because I was at work yesterday and the first thing I did was crack the window and reach in my center console for a smoke.  I said, " silly girl you don't smoke".  Lol silly!  Another coping mechanism I've adopted is:. When the craving hits and won't leave my mind.  I stop whatever I'm doing and go do something else for 3 minutes.  Kind of freaked my husband out when I was preparing dinner, slicing, dicing and pre heating.  When all of a sudden I was gone....... Hubby found me in the back yard watering.  He said, "I thought you had dinner tonight.? I laughed and told him that I was having a craving and had to get out of the kitchen for a few minutes.  He laughed, returning to the house yelling over his shoulder, what ever works for ya!  I returned to the kitchen and resumed my prep.  Battle won!