Hip replacement next week

Blog Post created by Alyssadone on Feb 6, 2017

I quit 11/29/2015 knowing I was going to need a total right hip replacement in 2017 at almost 37 years old.  My surgery is 2/15/2017 and I could not be happier that I am smoke free.  I still have this damn 20 lbs that is a ***** to get off  BUT my surgeon says 20 lbs more is 100% better than being a smoker. recovery time will be much better than if I was a smoker.  I am looking forward to the surgery and not only enjoy being smoke free every day, I will hopefully be pain free as well.  I am looking forward to my life after my surgery and excited for what's to come.   I now have new goals to set for myself and quitting smoking does not have to be one!! Looking forward to hitting 500 days smoke free.  I NEVER thought I would be here!!     Thank you to everyone for the support through these times, this site is a blessing!!