Day 69: Terminal Uniqueness

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Apr 11, 2019



We interrupt your normal blog reading to bring you this important message:


Firstly, from the bottom of my blackened husk of  a heart, I'd like to thank Youngatheart.7.4.12  (Nancy, to her quit friends,) for holding me up as an example of a non-whining, successful neophyte non-smoker, in her recent reply to  a blog post about uniqueness and how we're all, well, unique in our quit journeys.  Golly. I'm humbled.  But I am also cognizant that I must always be wary of getting a big head about thinking I have my quit crap together.


I do not. I would not need you if I did. Awwww. Wasn't that a nice warm-n-fuzzy?


Yes, I have cravings, I just do not focus on them.  Yes, I do see that space on my coffee table where the ashtray once sat and notice how it seems so bare now. Then I notice the nice plants and how things smell better, (even despite Chester's occasional contribution,) and how this new life of improved smells is where I want to remain. And if that means the occasional craving, that's a minor price. Because, the reality is, I have been spared much, much suffering.


Many of my peers need an oxygen tank; others require specialized medical care, have limited mobility, etc., etc.  I was somehow spared this suffering despite spending half a century trying to turn my lungs into burnt out charcoal pits and my life into an SOP Hell.


I have been spared. This is my daily reality and for this I am humbled and grateful because so many of my peers suffer greatly yet with a dignity and grace, I could never accomplish.  Their composure despite their afflictions inspires me. It also reminds me that, along the way, I am nothing special; I'm just a guy who gave up a horrible habit and came here to find out how to keep cigarettes out of my life. It's true I do not miss them; but it is also true that I will likely loose my quit very soon after I think I got this quit thing licked.


I have a feeling, were I to be as afflicted, I would likely be quite crabby about it. So my puny contribution and as a way to pay back my gift is to come shleping around occasionally and put in my two cents. Well, today it's  three cents because BIG FONTS ain't cheap.


Thank you, as always.  And please remember to tip the bartender as you leave. 


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading 


Peace and gratitude,