Day 45: When Wednesday is not Fry Day

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 19, 2019

OMG!  I'm not doing fries this Wednesday. I think I felt a shift in the universe. Did you feel it?  It was the Fry Gods being kind. I'm doing canned corn, instead which, on the kiddos' scale of most beloved carbohydrate vegetables, canned corn is second only to fries.

Actually, they are the only vegetables they like. So I will make much corn. Actually I'll use eight  No 10 cans, in fact, which will give me  two heaping 400 hotel pans which are this size:

 That's a lot of corn but the kiddies love it and Alex is a nice guy. He'll season it with something the District bags up in The Great Secret Commissary and Distribution Center which it calls, "AP Seasoning" -- which is special District cryptic code for  All Purpose Seasoning  --- oooooh, which is some weird amalgam of garlic something or other and who knows what else. It's a secret and the bags come without ingredients listed, but with expiration dates. So we know when to dispose of them; we just don't know what's in this concoction and what purpose they had in mind which required this type of hybrid seasoning. But it's what the District-generated menu calls for and so, like a good Borg humanoid, I have been assimilated and will comply; Resistance is futile.


I know Wednesday is not Fry Day this week because I looked at tomorrow's menu while finishing up dinner today. Today being the day I coughed a little in the freezer during my early AM stocking duty and had a touch of SOB which never re-returned again all day. Not once and it remained absent, like the coughing. I attribute my SOB to the fact that, for reasons mysterious and entirely opaque,  I was the proud recipient of a double (and on some items) a quad order  of products  for which I had to find freezer space by expending considerable labor.   So it was  a huff, huff, cough,  jump down turn around grab a bale of cotton kind of  morning in a 10-degree environment.  Like me,  my boss, Kareen was  also mystified  as to how we ended up with 80 -- yes, 80! -- cases of chicken wings (among the other incoming treasures.)  And at times like this, she knows better than to argue with me about how I will get said excess onto the shelves. I will. But it's a trade secret and she tends to slink out of sight once I  get started. This is best for all parties concerned. 


So that was today's smoke-free adventure.  Here's hoping your smoke-free day was far less dramatic.


Peace and gratitude,