Day 39 #2 : Fun On a Dreary Day

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 13, 2019

Here's a fun project  for an overcast day your pet will be sure to ignore: Make him a Cat house!  Because he likes to hide sometimes and you're the responsible pet owner sensitive to your pet's needs. That's right, take that old, vintage wicker Harvey Hamper before it ends up on Antiques Roadshow  appraised as being rare and worth millions, and wreck it with some turquoise spray paint, then tear off the lid,  and put some old towels inside baited with cat nip and watch your absolutely nothing!



But don't smoke over it.


Nosiree. Because ignoring things is what some cats do as a career. Take blankets, for example. Go ahead and make that bed, and fold that  sheepskin coverlet carefully -- right over that furry lump who's in the way and who will ignore you. Put it right on top. No problem. He's just doing his job...professionally.


Now go about your day, knowing inherently cats are in their element when they're ignoring what you're doing -- except for when you open a cat food can. Then they'll run to you like they're on fire.


Peace and gratitude,