Day 37 # 2: Today's Ride

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 11, 2019

My noble quest for the Holy Tomato Paste came to an end at the Shrine of the 99 Cents, where I was able to capture the elusive paste without a struggle. Not my usual national brand, mind you, but hey, it's a dollar store, what do you expect? 


Here's the ride. It went very well. Traffic was typical Monday, and some of the sidewalks were more like a concrete jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing but I managed ok:


 I got home and downed a bottle of my Powerade, because that's what you do after a ride. I can't stay in these stores very long because I'll end up buying the place out, so I got what I came for and headed out. The ride home was slower; I just wanted to enjoy it and I did. 


And I have one more ride before I'm done for the day. I need onions. And I'm going to get them.


Peace and gratitude,