Ready to be happy about this!

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 8, 2018

Woo Hoo! Day 7 is in the bag. I believe I have turned a corner. I have been feeling like I was just surviving the days till now... Just finished reading "The easy way to quit smoking". The best thing I took away from it is this; Celebrate your freedom from cigarettes. Yes I have had and probably will have crave moments. They are not painful or horrible. Just irritating...I have lived through horrible and painful, this I can do!

Because I am now an ex-smoker I can smell how good my clean house smells. I can enjoy dinner with friends without taking a "smoke break" (just relaxing and enjoying the food and good company) I can spend my mornings out in the fresh clean air with my adorable dogs. I could easily afford the waterpik that my dentist recommended (because I'm not spending that money for cigarettes!) I could sit still long enough to read a book. This list is just a start... I decided today to look for the joy in this process. 

Good days and bad days will come. I just won't be adding addiction and withdrawal to the mix.