Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 2, 2018

So... I have made it through the first day! Following the advice I've gotten here, I put on a patch last night before bed, took a tylenol PM (not sure if that's so recommended) and actually slept through the night. Hallelujah!!  When I woke up this morning I was prepared to feel kind of crazy. But I didn't. I got up, got dressed and took the dogs for a long walk. 

I was feeling pretty great, till about 12:30, when I had my one and really only moments of panic. 

The rest of the day it was more like I forgot that I quit... And then I would remind myself that I am now an ex-smoker.

I know many people here have gone cold turkey. I have done that too in the past. I just couldn't put myself there this time. I've had pretty severe withdrawal symptoms before. Vomiting, headaches, horrible anxiety. I was ready to be kind to myself. Today felt different, manageable. I even feel a little proud of myself. 

So my plan this time is this. Wellbutron, the patch, asking for all the support and encouragement I can get, educating myself as best as I can and using the tools I've been learning here. I also believe that by posting here it adds another layer of accountability. And that can really help.

I hope that tomorrow goes as well as today did. We will see...