Just began this program...first day and went 7 hours without smoking.

Discussion created by blueeyedcubtn on Jan 4, 2010
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I work in food service, and we all know this is a fast-paced business. When I am the MIC, I do not get an opportunity really to take any smoke breaks. Today I went from 4pm-11pm without a single cigarette! In fact, I didn't even have time to THINK about one. However, when the store finally closed the first thing I did was sit down for a minute to take a breather before starting the paperwork and inventory counts. This is when I pulled out the cigarettes. I had ONE. I did NOT smoke in the car on the way home (it was too cold outside to roll down the window and I MUST roll down the window to smoke) and waited an hour after I got home to have another. So far, so good I think! 

One of my biggest triggers is alcohol. It's going to be tough avoiding it because my partner and I love our booze to the point of nearly being addicted to it. I have not had a single drink tonight...and I think quitting smoking is going to have to mean quitting the drink also. 

It's now 5:30am and in all today I've had only 7 cigarettes. Tomorrow I hope it is less. I need to kick this habit because it blows my mind to think how much money I've been investing in my own possibly horrible death! It will be difficult because my partner has no intention of quitting. The crankiness I experience while trying to quit has caused him to BEG for me to smoke again the past times I've seriously tried. I went four days and he handed me a smoke and asked me to please return to normal. I can't keep doing that!