I QUIT...many things

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 14, 2021

It was terrible, honestly, seven years back, quitting smoking project, was terrible, terrible ....But having done this successfully, I feeling within me was like a different person. If quitting nicotine was possible, can I try to quit other...?




I try to quit anger ... If I can quit smoking, why should I get angry for small reasons, I try let it go ! Be peaceful in mind !


I try quit frustration ... there are situations which take us into frustration, ... do I keep sinking in frustration, no I needn't, I could quit smoking, why should I keep frustrations on my lap .. let it go !


I quit laziness ... yes, after quitting smoking, life if joyful, and there is no laziness around now ! I learned to quit it..


I quit arguments .. yes, why should I keep arguing, if the person in front of me (or on the other side of mobile phone) is not going leave his point... let it go ! do not argue and spend your energy on those stupid things.. let it go !


I quit timidity ... If I can quit smoking, why should I be afraid of any other psychological barriers, no... I quit timidity !


I try quit mobile addiction too... why should I keep fingering thumbs unnecessarily, be away from over handling of mobile phones... yes I could quit smoking, why I cannot be away from unnecessary mobile addiction... use it for purpose, and keep it away, enjoy the life !


The list might go on...


You may like to share your experience ......welcome !