Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 20, 2020

I am very grateful for the HO HO HOPE that was given to ME freely here by the SUGGESTIONS to educate MYSELF on MY addiction ONLY

HO HO HOPE is what I walk out - breath by breath -  because I am NOT smoking 50 cigs a day and STRESSING about over spending money WE dont have to buy presents

NOT TODAY - December 20 - 2020  -

WE have money to buy love gifts because MY Lord Jesus gave ME a cold turkey quit on January 6th 2011- HOORAY FOR MY LORD JESUS

MY life style of living as a NON SMOKER has been HELL on earth for OUR family for this past 6 MONTHS and - please I am talking about ME - I am not talking about YOU and I am not anyone else - this constant CHANGE happens ALL throughout MY non smoker day - cheeezzzeeee Louise -  it seems everytime the wind blows in CHANGE happens  - BAM - family in hospice and BAM family with covid19 and BAM family lost in alcohol OR drugs OR sex OR gambling OR caught up in the lust of lifes CHOICES and this is OUR CONSTANT news in OUR family lately - that's life peoples say and they say welcome to life

HO HO HOPE is that I finally recognized that - EACH family member CHOSE their OWN life style and I learn to honor them and let them live it out their own way

I choose to pray for them and live MY own life as a JOY filled NON SMOKER TODAY and glad to have money NOW because I dont buy MY drug NICOTINE anymore

MY Ho Ho Hope is in MY Lord Jesus and HO HO HOPE is MY n.o.p.e. family and I thank MY Daddy God and also a HUGH thanks to EVERYBODY here for the HO HO HOPE you ALL teach to ME day by day


Gentle 6 ft hugs and 6 ft  kisses