Do It Scared

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Dec 17, 2020

~~The best piece of advice someone has ever given me was 'do it scared.'  And no matter if you're scared, just go ahead and do it anyway because you might as well do it scared, so it will get done and you will feel so much better if you step outside of your comfort zone.~~  Sherri Shephard


I read a book called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway".  It was written by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D,, and it changed my life during a time it needed changing.  I had a lot of fear at the time.  Three little kids, a divorce, being by myself the first time ever....well, let's just say that comfort zone that most of us revel in had disappeared.  Since I couldn't afford therapy at the time, I read a LOT of self-help books to gain some balance and confidence in myself.


And now, 30 years later, I'm waaayyyyyy outside my comfort zone again.  I'm leaving my home, my security, after 19 years.  I'm going to be living in the country by myself (Jake goes back to school December 30) without neighbors close by.  I have to pack and move and get things set up...well, you know.  It's kind of like when I quit smoking and knew that I would not fail at my quit.  My comfort zone was gone.  What would I do when I wanted to relax?  What would I do when I was stressed?  How would I live if I couldn't go back to what I knew?


I can't say I'm a fearless warrior.  I can't even say that I enjoy the challenge.  But I can say with certainty that I don't let fear stop me.  I feel the fear and do it anyway.  Because it's the right thing to do sometimes.  Because I don't have a choice sometimes.  And because I want something else than what's in my comfort zone sometimes.


No, it's not easy.  Yes, it can be extremely uncomfortable.  But what you gain far outweighs the discomfort.  I also read somewhere (I am a reader, yes!) that life starts outside your comfort zone.  And I can see that.  When you're inside your comfort zone, you may feel safe and secure and...well...comfortable.  But sometimes we are also on autopilot.  WE go through our days just going through the motions because we know them so well.  Our paths are well worn and we know just where to step.  If we choose a new path?  We may stumble.  We may feel fear.  We may be paralyzed and not know what to do.  I say just take a step forward.  Just one at a time.  Soon you'll be moving at maybe a slow walk.  And then you may pick up speed.  You may change course.  You may even gain some confidence in your journey until the new path is now part of your comfort zone.


Don't let fear stop you.  Really.  Acknowledge it.  Reassure it.  Make friends with it.  And tell yourself it's going to be ok.