Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 1, 2020

I just NOW had that awful ASH TRAY MOUTH TASTE -then -  I remembered in MY PAST active smoking 50 cigarettes a day and the next moring waking up with that AWFUL ASH TRAY MOUTH TASTE - I just had to share this with ALL here - I know I am NICOTINE FREE and  -  I am so GRATEFUL to MY Daddy God and HIS love and grace and tender mercies to ME in MY Lord Jesus name amen - TADAH - n.o.p.e. is STILL working for ME - and this too shall pass - becausr MY brushing  tongue and gargling with Toms natural mouthwash is MY solution - yahooooooo - FRESH MOUTH -  thanks for letting ME share - night night and in HIS love - I love EVERYBODY'S