3600 DAYS!

Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 14, 2020




ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - I haven't used MY drug NICOTINE to COPE with MY insides - that are SOME times filled with fears of this covid19 life and the worlds godless society chaos and then MY insecurities of the NEW day will I CHOOSE to use the worldly clamour and godlessness as an EXCUSE to suck on death to ESCAPE MY inner truths - n.o.p.e. - I will remain to pray first and then BEFORE I use ANY excuse I will come and admit I NEED HELP - I will blog MY fears and I will blog MY insecurities and ACCEPT the experience and wisdom shared as I choose WHAT to learn from others HOPE at living through MY pain and KEEP moving to grow up inside and - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace -  I haven't used SOME people as an EXCUSE to SUCK ON DEATH - Thank ALL those who WALK their talk here and take their OWN inventory NOT other's - Thank ALL who are SELF honest and LOOK at themselves in the mirror to FACE their OWN truth about themselves and NOT blame other's for their OWN immature at being willing to admit their OWN defects of character and their OWN short comings - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods amazing grace - HE keeps ME facing MYSELF to ask MYSELF questions - Am I living in the present of this day ONLY learning to listen to others and trying NEW ideas to STAY nicotine free for ME to keep growing up on the inside - Am I being HELPFUL or bragging at STAYING nicotine free - Am I just showing off by being PRIDE filled thinking this is MY recovery site and everyone has to DO IT MY WAY - Am I hurting others with MY self will run riot or am I just sharing the HOPE given to ME freely and passing it on freely in LOVE -  Am I regrouping and prioritizing MY thinking and MY activities of this DAY only  - is it MY old mindset of an nicotine addict trying to run ME with I feel thinking or MY NEW mindset at FACTS thinking and grateful living as a mature non smoker person passing on the JOY of EACH new day and sharing NEW coping skills  - What do I NEED to DO for MYSELF to STAY a JOY filled NON SMOKER this moment - I practice and practice and practice EACH NEW day to listen and learn as I remain OPEN MINDED to learn positive thoughts and most of all to DO SOME things different - to think of other's ABOVE myself - I lift other's in pray just like other's prayed for ME when Richard died SUDDENLY on October 13 - ONE month He has been DEAD - I have been coming to this site since October 2010 - MY QUIT DATE IS JANUARY 6TH 2011 - I smoked because I did NOT like this man having the SAME quit date as ME - PRIDE MY PRIDE brings ME into denial of MY non smoker ignorant behaviors and TODAY I know inside maturity comes ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - I was blessed with a COLD TURKEY QUIT January 6 2011 and l have learned to STAY QUIT by HELPING the next suffering NICOTINE ADDICT and taking MY OWN inventory and NOT complaining about other's WHO are just being themselves by STAY NICOTINE FREE the way the NEED to for themselves and to LIVE AND LET LIVE YOU do your nicotine freedom your way and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace in HIS love -  I will do mine and TOGETHER with ALL the DIFFERENT WAYS at staying NICOTINE FREE - the NEW nicotine addict can CHOOSE their OWN way too - by their OWN choice and way they WANT to live NICOTINE FREE LIVE AND LET LIVESharing what worked for you and LET GO AND LET GOD