A Decent Restart

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Sep 6, 2020

No major complaints after a fairly long yet successful Day 1. Hit a few pieces of gum this morning. May do so again tonight, not sure.


I haven't smoked on my house or car for about 20 years. Also was able to make it through entire work days without smoking but weekends and the new covid-era were definitely a downfall in terms of pollution. I have had a tendency to get stuck not stopping to buy a pack on my way home from work. That is typically where I have faltered. I've got Vicks and plan to use that as a deterrent starting tomorrow night.


Trying not to dwell on anything really. Just striving to redirect myself when needed.


Finally went back to work at my PT (extra) job. Praying that continues.    And praying I make the right choice for at least 21 days & avoid the smoking Satan.