Interviewing myself

Blog Post created by Marigene6266 on Aug 12, 2020

At what age did you become a smoker? Was it in secret? How did you manage to develop that habit and keep it a secret? 


I was 14 when I smoked my first cigarette, 15 when I became a full time smoker.  There was no particular reason, I had a couple of friends who smoked and it was simply "a thing to do" . This was back in the late 70's to early 80's and they did not fully comprehend what smoking does to the body. My parents both smoked so it was no big deal. I hid it though, only smoked with my friends or alone . I did not get an allowance so I would take my mother's eight pack of pepsi bottles and turn them in to buy my cigarettes, anyone who remembers this will know that I got 80 cents for them. The cigarettes were only 75 cents a pack. Back then a pack would last me a week to ten days . I did all kinds of things such as smoking in the bathroom with the shower on so if I got caught I could pass off the smoke as steam from the shower. Leaving the house early to catch the bus so I would have time to smoke and not be seen by my neighbors. I got caught with no possibility of denial when I was 16. My mother met me at the door when I came in from school with my cigarettes in her hand. "What are you doing with these"? she asked. She said she was looking for a pen and found them . I had them hidden in the bottom drawer of my desk. My pens and pencils were in a gallon freezer bag hanging on the wall above my desk. So yes she was snooping, I did not realize it then but I do now. I'm sure she suspected and was only looking for proof. I mention all of this to illustrate to myself what I did to become a smoker. I was willing to do anything necessary to have that cigarette so I know that I need to do whatever is necessary no matter what it is  to become a non-smoker.