It's been a minute or three

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 17, 2020

It has been 428 days since I smoked a cigarette, and I haven't looked back. In the past year or so, a couple of my friends have also quit. I've loved being a bit of a mentor for them. A smoker still lives in my house, but I do not push too hard, though we at least now do talk about the potential for her to quit. She smokes outside and a lot less than she used to. It's amazing the effect of being a good example can have.


Life has changed in lots of ways - I retired, left one volunteer job and took on another, I'm painting/sewing/gardening more, and my health has done nothing but improve.


I tested clean for bladder cancer a couple days ago. I'll still get that checked every 9 months, but beware, smoking is a cause of bladder cancer. My stomach issues are gone. I'm still walking a mile most days. And yesterday and today, we had some of the older shade trees removed from our yard as they've grown so much in the last 35 years that we had zero sun in the yard. We still live in the woods, but the part closest to the house in the back is not as woodsy as it was


Two of my kids moved back to VA, so now all three are within an hour. I have a new granddog and my own dog still brings me great joy.


I lurk here more than I post, but I cheer on all the new quitters and am delighted to see so many people here!  


Anyway, wanted to say hello and stuff, so hello! And stuff



Day 428 of not smelling like a stinky cigareet