A reintroduction

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 17, 2020

Good morning Everyone, I have been here before about a year ago and found this site and this community incredibly helpful. So this is a reintroduction if you will. Here I am at 63 and have smoked since I was 15. Over the years I've attempted to quit many times. In fact I'm an expert at failing to quit. I'm not wallowing however. I've never lost the resolve to keep trying. Each failure has actually been a learning experience in one form or another. Over the years I've gained a lot of information about smoking, tried a number of ways, read countless books including Alan Carrs and used many techniques to deal with cravings. One really effective one was writing here when a craving came. It was, not sure what word to use,  comforting perhaps, that the intended group were a diverse bunch of people who have all dealt with the same issue. It reminds me of the passage "The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience." So having said that, because of the support given on this site by so many, it is my hope to be a benefit to someone else as well. Today is the day I quit and I'm reminded of something I saw on Pinterest. It was a picture of Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) looking down a valley with hordes of the enemy below just before a battle and he say's "And so it begins." Thank you for this site. John