One Trick For Killing Cravings

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 8, 2020

Many a times..

Cravings kill us.

Cravings make us loose the game.

Cravings make us go for cigarette

Cravings make us think of whole life with out cigarette, and entire life ahead without cigarette is impossible, so why not smoke now?

Cravings make us to go the same spot just for the sake of remembering earlier moments!


So what do we do?


Ask yourself a question,

if I had not smoked for fourteen days (say for example), why would day 15th would be difficult? 

I will not smoke today, like last fourteen days.

I was happy last fourteen days, and now also.

I do not want to go back to hell of smokers, where I am none but slave..


such thoughts might help to get rid of such cravings mentally.


Gain confidence..All the best..