No passport required   61/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 3, 2020

My husband quit smoking about 15 years ago. He decided to quit early one January as he was freezing out on the back porch for his midnight smoke. He was a very heavy smoker by his account (this was several years before we met). He cleared away all the ashtrays and lighters and then discovered he had no actual PLAN after that. His quit went through several permutations, including hypnosis and overeating. The key component to his quit was that he could smoke if he went out of the country. Which almost sounds reasonable, except that his job required that he travel to their plant down in Mexico every other week. He set himself up permission to cheat under specific circumstances.

I hadn’t really thought about it, but I did the same thing. My specifics didn’t include a passport, but if it is the weekend, and if my husband is out of the house, and if I had to go to the store; then I would go ahead and cheat.

This weekend, all the stars aligned and I DID NOT CHEAT. I even went to the store twice. It didn’t even occur to me until the second trip. This is a minor victory for me and I am doing the happy dance!

Keep the quit