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Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 23, 2020

Every single smoker eventually quits smoking. Some quit smoking at the same time they quit breathing.

Others of us have chosen to quit now. At whatever point in our lives we are, we chose to stop ingesting poison and not wait until we are dead. From the outside, this doesn’t seem like a difficult decision to make.

For some of us (like me), the decision was easy and made years ago; the actually quitting part was hard.

Others of us had real wake up calls in their health or maybe an ill friend that galvanized them into quitting.

I’ve also heard stories here of people who had a hard time making that call and felt like they were giving up their friend.

And some here don’t really want to quit; but they know they HAVE to quit. For health or a spouse, it’s been thrust upon them.

And here we all are, at a crossroad where we make the decision to become smoke free. We make the turn and we are on the Non Smoking Highway. Like every highway, there are slow downs. There are opportunities to exit the highway every 5 miles. There are irritating traffic jams and irritating people on the road. There are the drivers that exit and enter the highway multiple times, hoping to bypass the slower traffic, but it never works that way.

I was late for work today because of some traffic snarl and everything I see makes me think of quitting smoking. Quitting is a journey not an event.

We’ll all get there

Keep the Quit