Just passed day 11

Blog Post created by brittneyd.rice on Jan 21, 2020

I'm still not smoking... Yay! I won't pretend it has been easy the past few days but I am still truckin along. I drove my smelly car for the first time a few days ago... Had to roll the windows down in the snow because the smell was so bad. They have these smelly bomb things you can set off in the car... Did that and now the pina colada smell is a bit too overwhelming. Smells have been very hard for me. Also, my throat feels raw although I havent been coughing (which I also find strange).  I ate peanut butter and it burned my throat a bit. Anyone know why I havent been coughing? I was looking forward to it almost because I wanted a physical sign that my lungs were healing.  Probably sounds crazy that I want to cough but I guess I just need a reward for all my hard work lol! Maybe I just need more time. Anywho... 2 weeks, here I come!