Find your house 43/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 18, 2020

My daughter and I were talking about which house we would be in at Hogwarts.  She’s very smart so, Ravenclaw all the way.  I thought about all of us Exers; hanging out here in cyber-Hogwarts.  Here is my take on how to spot the Houses here.

Hufflepuff: Listens with empathy to all whining and withdrawal agony.  Offers recipes for excellent chocolate chip cookies. 

Ravenclaw:  Explains the physical component of your withdrawal.  Suggests healthy snacks.  Always remembers your quit date

Slytherin: Exposes the excuses you tell yourself.  Won’t accept defeat and challenges you to maintain your quit

Gryffindor: Always ready to cheer your success.  First to pledge every morning.  May have many years of quit but keeps coming back


We need all of us and I'm glad you're here