Day 3

Blog Post created by HughMary10 on Jan 15, 2020

I am on day 3 going into day 4 of choosing not to smoke. I have smoked for almost 39 years a pack a day. I have tried quitting  with help from pills, patches and vaping. I hated all those techniques and allergic to most of them. So I decided if I am going to quit I just had to do it cold turkey, which scared me to death. So my quit day came and I choose not to smoke. It’s early in the game here for lack of words, I have to shut the door on the craving every other minute it seems but I am glad I decided to go cold turkey. To be honest I think it was easier then using the other techniques.  I could be naive here and I know each day will be a up hill battle. My biggest problem is going to be gaining weight. What do you guys do for that hand/ mouth activity. I try mints, and chew gum ( not a fan of gum chewing). Seems M&M work good but I’ll be 400 lbs if I keep doing that. Any suggestion would be helpful.