Shopping 28/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 5, 2020

I love scrolling through websites and looking at stuff.  I rarely buy.  I don't need more things (unless we're talking about shoes).  I just like browsing.

What I like are things that cannot be bought.

Things like fitness.  Money helps with gym memberships and equipment, but it takes personal effort to exercise on a regular basis.

Education is the same.  Sure, it takes some bucks to go to college; but there are a lot of ways to become educated and libraries are free.  It takes personal effort to read the books, take some notes, and maybe go to a museum.

Here comes the metaphor.

Quitting smoking can't be bought.  You can't hire somebody to do it for you.  You gotta quit your own quit.  You gotta power through the craves.

While we do our own lifting, we have a lot of cheerleaders.  All the folks here are happy for our success.