2 days to 6%

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Dec 15, 2019

In two days, I get to wear the quit token that Mandolinrain made for me. 


I didn't think that this time last year, when I was having "chest pains," that I'd go to the hospital, have cardiac issues ruled out, have GI problems named as the probable cause (it wasn't), and when I left the hospital after an overnight stay and texting, I'd quit smoking. But I did. I just never lit up again. 


The GI problems turned out to be side effects from a medication, which I do not take anymore as a result. And still, I don't smoke.


It's so amazing to check "nonsmoker" on forms. 


It's dazzling not to stink.


It's empowering to be so proud.


It's life-affirming to know what a difference I can make in my very own life and health. 


I'm not at one year yet, but I'm smiling thinking about how it's just a couple days away. 


Thanks to every single person here who has helped me along the way. 




Day 1 year minus 2 days