Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 7, 2019

Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - TODAY. - Waiting is so comforting for ME - TODAY - in MY past - I would use NICOTINE - to COPE with having to WAIT ..........WAITING.........WAIT...... some more WAITING .....I would GO outside in MY PAST - experience with sucking on death sticks back in MY PAST.....I was referred to as  - smoking like a after the other and MY foul mouth spoke - ONLY death in MY life -  to complain and moan and get so wound up about NOTHING - TODAY .......Waiting for MY daughter's MRI to be done - just a check up per doctor's request - I am grateful she is HEALED and so grateful to lunch with MY husband and daughter and ME - it is MY husband and ME only - are in the 13th day of OUR - Daniel fasting and prayer commitment - to lift a blood family member in prayer for 21 days - this 13th day of this fasting and prayer is spent - WAITING - TODAY for 45 minutes - WAITING - there are so MANY - TONS of people - WAITING to get an MRI - the WAITING room is PACKED .....I am watching people down on the street from the 3rd floor window - walking fast in this cold weather ....I can hear all the city noise - I am listening -  to the cars blowing their horns....sirens blowing their LOUD noises too......I am sipping on hot water - November 17th - I am having a MEAT PARTY -   veggies n salads for 21 DAYS is tough for ME - I do NOT want to see a salad or any veggies for awhile - TODAY -  I prayed to remain grateful - I am a NON SMOKER ...just for TODAY WAITING with a grateful heart for life on life's terms in MY REALITY ...grateful that MY fingers are no longer STAINED BROWNISH YELLOW from using MY DRUG of choice - NICOTINE- so grateful to MY God for NICOTINE FREEDOM -  all these YEARS - ONE day at a time - thanking God - HE BLESSED ME  in MY Lord Jesus name amen - gentle hug